KALZIP – „Primary school in Wriedel, second representation“

A new cafeteria for the Swallow Elementary School in Wriedel

In order to meet the requirements for mandatory all-day care, the Swallow Elementary School in Wriedel, near Hamburg, has received a new cafeteria for lunchtime meals. The modern, one-story building is covered with an aluminum gable roof and has an integrated solar system that provides the school with sustainably generated electricity. Interested visitors, teachers, and students can use a monitor to learn about the system’s performance.

The cafeteria plays a central role in the open all-day school operation, not only because students need to be fed, but also because it is intended as a space for community building, says school principal Sabine Liebmann. “The cafeteria is not only used for eating, but also as a meeting room. It replaces the auditorium that we didn’t have,” says Liebmann.

Bright and educational

Skylights were installed on the roof as a natural source of light so that daylight can enter the room at any time. The over 300 square meter roof area is covered with photovoltaic modules, which fill most of the aluminum profile panels to maximize the potential of the overall area.

The aluminum standing seam roof with photovoltaic system was constructed using the tried and tested AluPlusSolar system from Kalzip and consists of individually prefabricated aluminum profile panels. The very flat solar panels are already glued to the profiles in the factory to avoid any impact on the connection due to dust, dirt or moisture and to facilitate installation for skilled tradesmen. The Kalzip 50/444 profile used for the interconnection is known for its weather resistance and durability.


Efficient, robust and sustainable despite minimal weight

The skilled tradesmen first installed the system-specific composite clips on the slightly sloping roof area, which was provided with a vapor barrier. This was followed by a mineral thermal insulation layer to efficiently and sustainably insulate the building. Since the module connections are located behind the panels, each panel had to be placed individually on the standing seam of the previous panel.

The aluminum standing seam roof with photovoltaic utilization impresses with its lightweight design and high energy efficiency, as it weighs significantly less than other roofing systems and has therefore already proven to be the system of choice in many previous construction projects. Overall, around 100 students now attend the new cafeteria and enjoy events in their new auditorium.


Considered with care. KALZIP.


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