Client: Club de Futbol Monterrey

Architects: Populous & VFO (formerly HOK Mexico)

Project Manager: PMP Consultores

Fabricators: Metcon del
Norte S.A. & Termacero Constrtucciones Metalicas Prefabricadas

Kalzip products: 55,000m2 Kalzip 65/333 x 1.0mm standing seam roof in stucco embossed finish.

Year of construction: 2013-15

In one of the most technically challenging projects, Kalzip® successfully completed the building envelope for the Estadio de Futbol Monterrey soccer stadium in Mexico. This was the first time the company had worked in Mexico and met the design specifications of a world-renowned architectural community. Not only the size of the Estadio de Futbol in Monterrey, but also its shape – which was to reflect both the history of the region and the mountainous landscape – placed the highest demands on the aesthetics and performance of the well-known standing seam roof.

With Club de Futbol Monterrey as the client for the huge stadium, Kalzip® was supported in the UK by its UK Trade & Investment department and by its established international network of design and supply partners in the execution of the contract.


The challenge

The Stadio de Futbol is one of the largest sports arenas in the region, commissioned by Club de Futbol Monterrey. The design team was led by two internationally renowned architectural firms: Populous and VFO. The concept for the structure not only features a very complex, asymmetrical shape that had to be built within a relatively tight time frame, requiring careful planning of the construction phases. In addition, since no two cladding sections are identical in size or geometry, this placed unusually high demands on detailed planning and the preparation of cutting plans to facilitate fabrication, most of which had to be done on site.

Due to the climate and location, the stadium is exposed to extreme weather conditions, including high winds, driving rain and very high temperatures, all of which place demands on the façade system. As the design process progressed, numerous technical and logistical challenges related to specific interfaces and weather exposure had to be addressed, as well as maintenance access and other considerations to ensure the long-term functionality of the structure. The project was tendered under a design and delivery model that helped convince the client of Kalzip’s ability to respond to the project team’s requirements: Maximizing value to the customer in terms of technical support and the ability to respond to new or changing market conditions in the international environment. After Dan Vinet (Kalzip sales manager for North America) received the original design contract for the roof, the manufacturer brought in several key colleagues, including Alberto Argenti from its European organization, who is fluent in Spanish, to liaise with the client and consultants in Mexico.

Christopher Lee, project designer and senior principal at Populous commented:

Football is all about spectacle and passion, we placed spectators as close to the pitch as possible to create the most atmospheric modern stadium in Latin America. Certainly, the Stadio de Futbol set a new benchmark for modern stadiums in Latin America with its imposing roof structure made of Kalzip® standing seam and will become a landmark for Rayados* fans and the people of Monterrey.”

* Rayados is the popular name for CF Monterrey.

The Solution

As a major manufacturer operating across the continent and beyond, Kalzip® has the experienced staff and the space and resources to ensure client or consultant specifications are met and tailored product packages delivered in response. This includes compliance with regional building codes and other requirements applicable to the project in question, as well as managing all necessary logistics, such as shipping and import licenses, to ensure contracts are completed on time.

“Kalzip® has the unique ability to offer architects and specifiers great freedom and flexibility in design. This includes a range of materials, finishes and shapes – virtually limitless design potential and advanced roll forming techniques and proven functionality with stunning aesthetics.”
– Dan Vinet, Kalzip’s North American Sales Manager

Members of Kalzip’s design team in the UK were closely involved in designing the free-form geometry and fine-tuning the manufacturing and installation processes. These had to be simplified without compromising the architecture. Particular attention was paid to the lower sections and the distinctive “gills” that break through the aluminum shell.

Also manufactured in the UK and shipped to Mexico were bespoke high and low level aluminum gutters and prefabricated flashing in a special blue color. In addition, Kalzip® supplied all of the aluminum walkways, access hatches and fall protection systems that were used during construction to facilitate maintenance work.

As part of its contractual obligations and commitment to safe working practices wherever Kalzip® is involved, Kalzip® also provided two weeks of bespoke training to the two Latin American façade contractors – Metcon del Norte S.A. and Termacero Constrtucciones Metalicas Prefabricadas – using custom-built equipment that replicated the curved shape they were to enclose with the standing seam roof and its numerous accessories.

In total, Kalzip® shipped more than 40 containers and set up its production site on site, from which the standing seam profiles were produced. With a team consisting of a machine operator and two fabricators, Kalzip® implemented the production plans drawn up in CAD and Revit.

Kalzip products:

Over 55,000 m2 of Kalzip® aluminum standing seam roof system in profile 65/333 with 1.0 mm thickness and stucco embossed surface was supplied for this project. The Kalzip® aluminum roof is certified in the UK by the BBA and is recognized worldwide by German approval, French Avis Technique and Factory Mutual (FM) quality standards. In addition, the Kalzip® aluminum roof is certified to FM Class 1 – 190 and is tested to ASTM.

Kalzip standing seam profiles offer virtually unlimited application potential, are available as both insulated and single skin products and are suitable for both warm and cold roof constructions. U-values down to below 0.1 W/m2K can be achieved. The system can be adapted to any building size and geometry, with web lengths of more than 160 meters possible by unrolling.

Kalzip roofs are particularly wind-resistant thanks to the patented clip series. The clips are essential in a climate such as Monterrey’s, allowing the outer skin to change temperature evenly as the temperature rises from the cool of the early morning to heating up in the midday sun. Sophisticated detailed solutions are also available to accommodate penetrations or other features. Kalzip® systems are lightweight compared to many alternative roofing materials because they are made from aluminum, which is not only derived from one of the most abundant ores in the world – bauxite – but is also usually recycled. Kalzip systems can also be completely dismantled at the end of a building’s useful life.

“After several years of planning and construction, the BBVA Bancomer soccer stadium is now one of the landmarks of the city of Monterrey and also of Mexico. It houses one of the most representative teams in the Mexican soccer league, has established itself as one of the most modern structures, and has received several awards for its engineering and architectural design to date.”

“The most difficult aspect of designing such a unique project is identifying materials, processes and the most efficient systems. Kalzip® was very supportive at this stage, sharing its experience with us. We had a willingness to find an overall solution for the façade system and worked with Kalzip®, with architectural and construction management, on models that helped identify and solve the smallest problems with the system.”

“Despite the complexity of the project due to its size, geometry and asymmetry, only in Kalzip® did we find a system that was practical, flexible and allowed us to meet the most demanding requirements of the building envelope. Compared to other systems, we felt that Kalzip® offered the best conditions for manufacturing, storage, control and installation, thus saving time and money. One of the most important factors in achieving and even improving our program was the support we received from the technical staff on site – design and manufacturing – who always had the will to find improvements and solutions to the inevitable problems in a project of this magnitude.”

– Cristino Ceballos, PMP Consultores.


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