Bigger, brighter, higher – Las Vegas in the U.S. state of Nevada is known for continually surpassing itself. Here, you can find everything you could ever want, except for a real city center. The nearly 1.7 million m² ‘CityCenter’ has changed that. With six buildings, all designed by world-renowned architects, the city and shopping center is a highly modern, dazzling addition to the famous skyline of the desert city

The Crystals – the pulsating heart of the new city center.

The 46,450 m² city and entertainment center, The Crystals, is the heart of CityCenter and houses approximately 85 dining and retail establishments. Designed by the New York-based Studio Daniel Libeskind, the structure consists of an underground parking garage, three levels of retail spaces, and a unique roof structure that combines 13 flat roofs and 6 arcade roofs. The skylights integrated into the arcade roofs highlight the opulent interior architecture with natural light and complete the overall picture. Libeskind himself calls The Crystals “…a forward-thinking shopping experience of the 21st century, celebrating public life and combining retail and entertainment with the ambiance of a modern neighborhood.”

Standing seam aluminium profiles make the difference.

Not only is the interior design of the building complex spectacular, but the new district also offers an impressive sight to onlookers from the outside. In a record-breaking 50 million construction hours, thousands of slanted columns were erected, 16,455 individually crafted and diagonally overlapping steel elements were developed, all in perfect synergy to create the unique roof shape. The different roof structures are connected at various angles and converge at the building’s height. This extravagant construction required a flexible roofing system that imposes no architectural limitations and offers maximum design freedom. Kalzip’s additive roofing system meets and exceeds these exact requirements. Over 4,924 m² of on-site fabricated aluminium standing seam profiles were installed by skilled installers and placed beneath the roofing system on The Crystals. This ensures that the ‘city within a city’ between the Bellagio and the famous Monte Carlo Resort will leave a lasting impression on the mesmerized visitors for a long time to come.


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