PRESS RELEASE: Anniversary with review of milestones

55 Years of Kalzip

Koblenz-based supplier of roofs, facades and building envelopes made of aluminum and metal celebrates anniversary with review of milestones.

May 2023

Koblenz-based provider of aluminum and metal roofs, facades, and building envelopes celebrates its anniversary by looking back at milestones. Since 1968, Kalzip has been producing roof and facade systems on modern roll-forming equipment. Originally introduced as a product name based on the first owner, the US company Kaiser-Aluminium, Kalzip has since established itself as the synonym for individually manufactured standing seam roofs internationally. With various innovative products and services, the company has been able to realize many prestigious projects in its 55-year history and thus record some milestones in its history. To appropriately honor the company’s anniversary, various actions are planned, including a temporarily modified logo, a history page, and the Premium Partner Award, which is the focus of the anniversary.


Anniversary Logo – Let’s Go Retro!

At the beginning of the year, a small change on Kalzip’s website and social media channels drew attention to the anniversary: the current logo will be temporarily replaced. The combination of two old logos shows the cross-section of the original standard profile, with the KAL-ZIP lettering above it. The historically correct split spelling refers to the company’s original name – Kaiser Aluminium. The syllable “Zip” as an abbreviation for “Zipper” describes the zipper principle with which the standard profiles are firmly connected. Thus, the “new old” logo reflects the introduction of the standard profile “KAL-ZIP” in 1968.

History Differently

Instead of a boring historical overview, regularly provides new information on the company’s history – short and sweet. For example, the first major construction project in Germany cannot be missing: the aluminum roof on the Nuremberg Congress Hall was installed in 1968 and can still be found on the building today. Another milestone: the move to the Koblenz location, which is still the company’s headquarters today. In chronological order, interested parties can look forward to further exciting sections, such as the construction of the protective cover around the Chernobyl disaster reactor.

Celebrating milestones as they come

Regular updates are posted on the various social media channels to draw attention to Kalzip’s milestones. In a planned video series, long-time Kalzip employees will talk about their most exciting construction projects. In addition to various online actions to draw attention to the company’s anniversary, celebrations will also take place offline. All employees are invited to celebrate 55 years of Kalzip at a big summer party at the headquarters in Koblenz. And the Premium Partner Meeting, including the award ceremony, is also dedicated to the anniversary.



Remained at its core: Since 1968, the headquarters and main production site of Kalzip have been located at the Koblenz site. (Photos: Kalzip GmbH)


The aluminium roof on the Nuremberg Congress Hall was installed in 1968 and is, therefore, the first major construction project of Kalzip in Germany. (Photo: Kalzip GmbH)


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