Secure fit with visual verification

SDK fasteners are now available exclusively at Kalzip /Perfectly coordinated system from a single source /The entire system is easily visually verifiable

For decades, the iconic SDK fastener, with its distinctive square head, has held millions of metres of standing seam roofs in place – an indispensable part of the Kalzip product range. Now available exclusively at Kalzip, the company has secured the international distribution rights for the SDK screws. This means when you order a Kalzip system, you will receive the complete fastening system for the standing seam roof installation.

Fastener head shears off

The SDK fastening system offers several benefits for the installer. The fastener cannot be overtightened, as the square fastener head shears off at a precisely predetermined torque, ensuring optimal fastening. At the same time, the shearing off prevents damage to the construction and guarantees the perfect, force-fit connection of both components. This is especially important for thin components, such as trapezoidal profiles, as a fastening base. Once the fastener is seated in the system exactly, it can only be removed with a hexagonal wrench. The perfect fit of the fastener can be visually verified, saving time for site management and providing additional security, especially when work is carried out by subcontractors or teams unfamiliar with the product.

With the correct fit, the fastener head of the SKD fasteners shears off allowing for a simple visual control of the proper processing. (Photo: Kalzip)


System perfectly coordinated

“The system comprising of a standing seam metal, clip and fastening material is designed for optimal performance. We truly believe that SDK fasteners are the best fastening solution for Kalzip standing seam sheets. The fasteners can now be conveniently ordered as a package from the system manufacturer, along with clips and standing seam sheets, reducing the effort for installers. It is for this reason why we took this opportunity to improve our service offerings by permanently securing the distribution rights for the SDK system fastener.” explains Christoph Schmidt, Sales Director of Kalzip GmbH. To simplify material procurement, the fasteners are integrated into the tender texts as usual, eliminating the need to search for individual components and requiring only one order to be placed.”

SDK fasteners are now exclusively available at Kalzip as a perfectly coordinated standing seam roof system from a single source. (Photo: Kalzip)

Considered with care. KALZIP.


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