KALZIP – „Eichendorff Grammar School, Koblenz“

Education with a new look

The Eichendorff Grammar School is located near the Electoral Palace in Koblenz. The tradition-rich, musically oriented school, which has been at this location since the beginning of the 20th century, is now to receive an energy refurbishment and a modernisation of the façade.

Sustainable, of course, and with a sophisticated exterior design concept. Of course, KALZIP will not let this challenge pass us by.


Is this art … or can it go away?

If you’re going to refurbish for energy efficiency, you might as well give the whole thing a new look, the architects thought. Moreover, the rather inconspicuous façade had a surprise in store: It contains a tile mosaic by a local artist, which of course should be preserved at all costs because it is considered a work of art in public space. The flexible and colour-matched edgebands from KALZIP make exactly this possible by integrating the mosaic into the colour-matched profile system and discreetly yet clearly highlighting it.

The robust and lightweight aluminium profile system, the FC façade, even gave the architects in charge a very special idea: A screen-printed portrait of Joseph von Eichendorff greets passing cars on the main road on white Eternit panels and, in combination with the ultra-matt colour coating in sea green, leaves a lasting impression even in the brief moment of passing.


One system – many advantages.

After the windows had been renewed, the skilled craftsmen, taking into account the colour concept, attached connecting edge pieces to the window sills and reveals, as well as to the balustrade on the top floor, in order to be able to install the profiled panels easily and quickly. The panels of the FC façade were lined with 150 mm thick mineral thermal insulation. This combination is not only energy efficient on 950m2, but also has a sound-insulating effect and thus protects pupils and teachers effectively from disturbing external noise in the long term. Like all KALZIP profile systems, it allows the subsequent assembly and replacement of individual FC panels and thus also ensures the secure anchoring of scaffolding throughout the construction phase.

The aluminium profile panels have another advantage, they are very light and allow an assembly of only 5kg per m2. A feature that also played a significant role in the preparation of the assembly schedule. The HPC colour system used by KALZIP is also UV-resistant and impresses with its impressive colour and gloss stability into old age.


Good communication is key.

Due to the pandemic-related homeschooling, many of the noisy assembly works could be carried out flexibly in the beginning, but after returning to normal school operations, precise arrangements had to be made to affect the students and teaching staff as less as possible. The good cooperation and communication between all the trades involved and the school management made it possible, if necessary, to move to other places where the noise pollution was not so intense.

The energy refurbishment of the Eichendorff Gymnasium is another example of how good teamwork combined with unique materials and many years of experience can lead to a sustainable, modern and efficient result that is both contemporary and representative and will remain so for a long time.

You inspire we deliver. KALZIP.



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