The Fontenay Hotel in Hamburg impresses with its successful fusion of historical heritage and modern elegance. Under the visionary leadership of renowned architect Jan Störmer from Störmer Murphy and Partners, a masterpiece was created that harmoniously integrates into the Alsterwiesen Park. The architecture of this five-star superior hotel is based on organic circular forms inspired by nature and the principles of Feng Shui. The central area housing the elevators connects two spacious courtyards and an impressive 27-meter-high atrium with an endless infinity pool.

The glass and ceramic panel facade of the building reflects the surrounding beauty and brings light into the spaces. Inside, vaulted walls and floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows dominate, creating a light-filled atmosphere. The hotel’s 130 rooms and suites offer generous spaces and exude an aura of freedom.

Kalzip aluminum roofing crowns The Fontenay.

The sculptural design of the hotel sets new standards for modern grand hotels in Hamburg. The roof with its raised aluminium standing seam forms a distinctive crown that reflects the organic design language of the building.

The amorphous shape with circles as a dominant design element is also reflected in the roof design. Above the five standard floors, set back slightly, are the 6th and 7th upper floors with the wellness area, the Fontenay Bar, and the gourmet restaurant above it. The roof was constructed as an elevated ventilated cold roof using an aluminium standing seam covering, and the resulting space was used to accommodate technical equipment.

Customized roof solution

The dome roof area was covered with tapered Kalzip in a white shade that captures the radiant clarity of the light-filled building. Visually, the white aluminium roof completes the structure at the top and forms a distinctive part of the architecture as the “fifth facade.”

The architectural office chose the Kalzip standing seam aluminium system, as it can be customized to fit any building type and shape. For this project, Kalzip worked in collaboration with architects and the installer to create a customized solution for the dome shape using various circular elements that are tapered. The roof structure was built using the FlexiCon RR80 substructure system, known for its versatility and lightweight design.


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