Using the latest CAD equipment, the Kalzip technical team is fully equipped to meet the specification requirements of the most complex roof designs down to the finest detail.

Trained staff work closely with clients, tailoring specifications to meet individual requirements of the project – including all necessary calculations, assembly instructions and technical advice ­ ensuring that both specification and delivery requirements are met. Kalzip provide a comprehensive technical advisory and support service to assist architects, designers, specifiers and approved Kalzip installation contractors with building design, building physic, product application and site considerations, from design stage through to project completion and beyond.

The Technical Services Department has extensive roofing and cladding expertise and can provide suitable designs and details for any application via the latest CAD equipment. Economical construction solutions for the most complex roof designs can also be provided. With the increasing pace of Kalzip’s product innovations and ability to comply with the improving Building Regulations, additional information to support both the specifier and installer alike are constantly being developed.

Complex shapes and solutions not only mean increased capability within the technical team but also the ability of the department to communicate the necessary knowledge to Kalzip’s approved installer network via its training school and courses.


Kalzip has produced a set of freely downloadable Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects to provide specifiers with a standard range of Kalzip system build ups.  This initial family of intelligent objects has been produced using Autodesk’s Revit, and comes complete with supporting documentation including; a user guide and comprehensive technical details providing construction professionals with a complete BIM ready solution.



Kalzip roof and facade systems are only processed by qualified specialist companies. We want to offer you maximum safety when installing our products.

For this reason, we work together with certified premium partners who are familiar with the Kalzip product lines and guarantee the best quality with their expertise.

We will be happy to help you find a qualified installation partner in your region. Please fill out the following form.

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Did you know that nobody 200 years ago was aware that aluminium existed? This may be hard to believe, considering how aluminium is found practically everywhere today.

A: Kalzip is fully recyclable and the aluminium material can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing any of its qualities.

A: Kalzip consists of a high content of recycled aluminium, we can produce Kalzip sheets with over 95% recycled material on request.

A: Aluminium is one of the longest lasting roofing materials; in 1897 aluminium sheet was used to cover the roof of San Gioacchino Church in Rome, it is still in excellent condition today.

We have been manufacturing the Kalzip roof system for 52 years and long-term durability tests are carried out at regular intervals on some the first roofs installed at the Port of Hamburg.

All Kalzip accessories such as snow guards, walkways, fall protection systems, lightning protection systems, are attached without penetrating the roof sheet, with our proprietary range of seam clips.

A: For construction site productions, maximum sheets lengths without joints can be produced over 100 m in length, subject to site parameters. For sheets produced at our production facilities, the length will be restricted by transportation considerations.

A: Condensation generally occurs in the atmosphere when warm air rises, cools and loses its capacity to hold water vapour. As the Kalzip system utilises compressed low density thermal insulation and a vapour barrier, to prevent condensation forming. A major feature design of the Kalzip roof system is that no sealants are used in the formation of the Kalzip standing seam, therefore making the outer skin of the roof build-up permeable to the passage of moisture vapour allowing the roof construction to breathe. Minor condensation or general construction moisture will not be absorbed but will simply be retained on the surface of its fibres allowing evaporation to take place through the Kalzip seams when atmospheric conditions allow.

This ability to breathe and allow moisture to escape through the outer layer of the weather fabric is a fundamental design benefit with traditional building materials such as bricks, tiles etc.

A: Individual Kalzip roofing sheets can be removed after installation and replaced with no detrimental impact on the functionality of the roof.


Approvals, Declarations of Performance and Environment Product Declarations



Naturally, Kalzip is certified in accordance with all current standards.

  • ISO 45001:2018

    Development, manufacture and sale of systems for wall- and roof cladding including integrated photovoltaic systems. Proof has been furnished by means of an audit that the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 are met.

  • ISO 9001:2015

    Development, manufacture and sale of systems for wall- and roof cladding including integrated photovoltaic systems. Proof has been furnished by means of an audit that the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are met.

  • ISO 14001:2015

    Development, manufacture, sale and service of systems for roof- and wall cladding for new construction and refurbishment


Where site or local access restrictions apply, Kalzip have the equipment, personnel and expertise to manufacture on-site. Mobile roll former machines with integral generators offer a flexible and effective production solution. On-site roll-forming can be done at either ground, ground to eaves level, at eaves level or suspended from crane at eaves level.

With our mobile rollform fleet we are able to produce Kalzip profiled sheets almost anywhere in the world, saving time and logistic costs during the construction schedule.

Kalzip Site support and Site inspections

Comprehensive support on projects in both the UK and overseas, is provided by the dedicated site services department for approved contractors, specifiers and end users.

Support includes ongoing site inspections, technical advice, site investigations and on-site production surveys.
On-site support is also available for the on-site roll-forming facility.

Kalzip’s professional team produces a full operations document, detailing requirements, safe working procedures and risk assessment.
ISO 9001:2008 also applies to site production and all quality tests and samples are undertaken on-site in keeping with Kalzip’s factory tests
A additional advantage of site production is the presence of our rollform operators, questions about the product or process can be clarified directly on-site in the shortest possible time. Our Rollform fleet is internationally available and highly flexible. We will be happy to advise on any project related queries.

Benefits at a glance

  • No lapping: the on-site production eliminates virtually all requirements for lap joints Minimal maintenance
  • Reduced transport costs: up to 5000 m2 of coil can be delivered on a single trailer, dramatically reducing transport time and costs.
  • Reduced handling on-site: aluminium sheets are half the weight of steel, which in turn, reduces the amount of labour required on-site.
  • Reduced crane requirements: roof sheets can be roll-formed straight onto the roof, reducing the dependency on cranes.
  • Flexible manufacturing: any damaged sheets can be replaced immediately.