Nature roof system Kalzip®

Nature roof system

For urban and sustainable architecture

The Kalzip NatureRoof fulfils all technical and design requirements when planning a green roof. On all Kalzip roof constructions – taking into account the structural requirements and the use of the Kalzip 65/400 profile – the additional Kalzip NaturDach structure is possible.

The components of the Kalzip NatureRoof construction are delivered to the construction site as a separate unit. The functional layers are harmonised in their mode of action and form a single unit in terms of design.

The Kalzip green roof promotes biodiversity and plant diversity on the roof surface through roof greening and is therefore of particular ecological value.

The advantages of Kalzip green roofs:

  • Installation without additional sealing measures directly on the Kalzip profiled sheets
  • Highly economical with fast installation
  • Environmentally friendly and deconstructable
  • Year-round improvement in thermal insulation and indoor climate, thereby increasing the quality of living
  • Improvement of the microclimate
  • Slowing down the water drainage
  • Minimal maintenance of the greenery

Roof structure green roof


Sedum planting


Kalzip planting substrate


Kalzip drainage mat


Kalzip Profiled Sheets 65/400


Thermal insulation layer


Kalzip Composite clips


Dampf- und Luftsperre


Trapezoidal steel deck


Dachaufbau:  1. Sedum planting, 2. Kalzip Planting substrate, 3. Kalzip Drainage mat 4. Kalzip Profiled sheets 65/400, 5. Thermal insulation layer,  6. Kalzip Composite clip, 7. Vapour and air barrier, 8. Trapezoidal steel deck

Ecologically valuable and permanently safe green roofs

The advantages of green roofs with Kalzip:

  • The structure is installed directly on the Kalzip profiled sheets without additional sealing measures
  • Complete package in modular design
  • Permanently resistant to root penetration and moisture penetration
  • Highly economical thanks to quick and easy installation
  • All components are environmentally friendly and can be dismantled
  • Kalzip can be easily retrofitted to a green roof (Kalzip 65/400) with the appropriate structural design
  • After removing the green roof, Kalzip remains as a fully-fledged roof covering


  • Residential buildings: The Kalzip natural roof can be used on residential buildings/complexes to create an environmentally friendly and energy-saving solution.
  • Office building: The Kalzip natural roof is also a good choice for office buildings, as it can better insulate the building and improve energy efficiency.
  • Schools and public buildings: The Kalzip natural roof is also suitable for schools and other public buildings as it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for roof construction.
  • Industrial building: Industrial buildings can also benefit from the Kalzip natural roof, as it has a high load-bearing capacity and is therefore suitable for large roofs.

Example projects FOR natural roofs

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