Sheet metal façade Kalzip®

Sheet metal façade

made of foldable Aluminium

Kalzip foldable aluminium sets new standards for visually attractive façade elevations and meets the highest structural and design requirements from planning to implementation. The unmistakable metallic surfaces minimise glare and reflections and convey a discreet, prestigious building character even on large surfaces. Kalzip foldable aluminium can be processed for metal wall cladding using conventional roofing techniques. The most frequently chosen design is the angled standing seam or a diamond or shingle covering on a ventilated formwork.

The advantages of the metal sheet façade:

  • Freedom of design through almost unrestricted formability
  • Convincing value for money
  • Planning, construction time and cost certainty thanks to simple processing of the material, even at low temperatures without heating
  • Highly corrosion and value-resistant for long-term building protection

Façade structure Double-skin, rear-ventilated


Kalzip foldable aluminium


Permeable membrane


Timber formwork


Thermal insulation



Double-skin, rear-ventilated façade structure

for visually attractive façade views

1. Kalzip Foldable aluminium, 2. Permeable membrane, 3. Timber formwork, 4. Thermal insulation, 5. Masonry


Made of foldable aluminium

Kalzip foldable aluminium shingles are lightweight, durable and versatile. Any geometric shape can be realised, whether as a square, rectangle or rhombus. Due to their small size, shingles are also ideal for covering curved or rounded roof and façade surfaces. The shingles are folded by the installer himself. This means that every shingle and every project is unique in its own way. An almost unlimited combination of shapes and sizes offers the planner maximum architectural design freedom.

Example shingle

Flexible and versatile solution
for the cladding of facades

The advantages of the metal sheet façade:

  • Comfortable workmanship in traditional, well-known roofing technology
  • Material can be processed directly at low temperatures without heating
  • Very light material, thus handling advantages on the construction site
  • Calculation reliability due to high price stability

Applications of the metal sheet façade

  • Commercial and industrial buildings: The metal sheet façade can be used for large and small commercial and industrial buildings, such as office buildings, shopping centres, warehouses and factories.
  • Public buildings: It is a popular choice for public buildings such as schools, universities, hospitals, government buildings and other institutions.
  • Residential building: The metal sheet façade is also suitable for cladding residential buildings.
  • Sports venues: The Kalzip sheet metal façade is a good choice for sports facilities such as stadiums, swimming pools and sports halls.

Example projects FOR sheet metal façade

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