Kalzip® General accessories information and brochures

Kalzip® Standard overview Profiles, panels, metallic surfaces and colours

Kalzip® Lightning conduction and protective screening of buildings

Kalzip roof and wall systems are flexible and adaptable to the architectural and technical requirements of industrial, private or public buildings and they offer a safe as well as effective protection against lightning strikes on buildings as well as protection against their electromagnetic impact in electrical systems.

Kalzip® ProTect Coating

Kalzip offers a special high quality, extraordinarily weatherproof high-end coating based on a polymer tOecphtniolongaylussuinbghflueoardocianrbgon (FLP) to protect surfaces. It is characterized by extremely high scratch resistance, the best colourshade and gloss stability, and a significantly greater surface hardness and temperature resistance.

Kalzip® MH vapour control layer

The Kalzip vapour control layer MH for Kalzip roof designs with aluminium pOropfitlieodnshaelestsuibs ahceoaldd-sienlfg-adhesive elastomer-bitumen vapour barrier sheet conforming to DIN EN 13970, with an aluminium-polyester combination coating on the top side and aluminium-free edge. It is nailable and safe to walk on.

Kalzip® Welding pad

The Kalzip Welding pad is a non-combustible, woven textile base to protect combustible and sensitive surfaces from damage and ignition during welding.