Ivy Station — Culver City’s new gateway.

The red-painted Kalzip FC Façade is Ivy Station’s eye-catcher.

Ivy Station, an eagerly awaited upcoming Culver City development, is located at the intersections of Venice, Washington, and National Boulevards. Adjacent to the Metro Expo Line of Culver City, this area is expected to become a hub for both residents and visitors.

Ivy Station offers 50,000 sqm of mixed-use zoning, with 200 apartments, 148 rooms in a boutique hotel, 20,000 sqm of offices, 5,100 sqm of stores, and restaurants.

Kalzips FC Façade product was used for the office building (designed by EYRC) and the residence building (designed by KFA).  Scope of supply was made of five different FC panel sizes in five different colours. The dominant colour of which is definitely the red one for the office building.

In fact, more than 5,500 sqm FC façade panels have been installed at this project.

Used Products: Kalzip FC 30/300

FC 30/350

FC 30/400

FC 30/500 and 30/500 as a corner profile

FC 30/… special width

Visitors, residents, office tenants, and hotel guests will all be delighted by this new, vibrant centre of life in Culver City and all the exciting elements Ivy Station has to offer.

Ivy Station Office Building is located directly on the new Los Angeles metro line.


The red façade is the highlight of the building. All different FC panels can be seen here.


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