Kalzip: Focus on online presence

The expansion of the digital strategy not only pays off for Kalzip in terms of customer growth, but also increases awareness among existing customers. For personal loyalty, the company also relies on its proven premium partner network.

«From our point of view, the following points are relevant for a trade fair appearance: Increasing brand awareness, acquiring new customers, maintaining existing customers, and obtaining project information. By revising our digital strategy, we were able to noticeably improve the perception of the Kalzip brand on the market. Not least due to the challenges of the last few years, digital media have become so established that we can report clearly measurable successes. Kalzip has also been cultivating its network of premium partners for many years in order to maintain personal ties with existing customers. We currently use various digital channels for project acquisition. Due to these successes, as well as the continuing imponderability of a trade fair with a presence in the near future, we have decided not to participate as an exhibitor at the BAU 2023 trade fair in Munich», announces Christoph Schmidt, Sales Manager Kalzip. «Together with the installers from our globally active network, we are tackling the challenges of our time, developing solutions, and pursuing joint further developments,» Schmidt continues.

Christoph Schmidt, Sales Manager Kalzip. (Photo: Kalzip GmbH)

For the time being, Kalzip wants to continue to focus on its successful digital concept. In the first half of 2022, the Koblenz-based company already received the German Brand Award for the «Digital Brand of the Year». «The award is confirmation for us that we are already implementing many things correctly in order to be perceived on the web and thus also on the market. We are therefore focusing our communication on further expanding our digital strategy in order to reach existing and potential new customers,» says Yannick de Beauregard, Marketing Manager at Kalzip. «Furthermore, we see ourselves well equipped for the challenges of the near future, also in terms of products. With our roof solutions, which can incorporate photovoltaics or a natural roof, as well as with our award-winning refurbishment system, we contribute to sustainable construction.»

Yannick de Beauregard, Marketing Manager Kalzip. (Photo: Kalzip GmbH)

Visibility on the web: The Koblenz-based company Kalzip is focusing on further expanding its digital strategy.  

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About Kalzip
Kalzip is one of the leading suppliers of roofs, façades and building envelopes made of aluminium and metal. The company has been producing roof and façade systems on state-of-the-art roll forming lines since 1968. To date, over 110 million square metres of Kalzip profiled aluminium sheets have been installed worldwide, and the trend is constantly rising. Kalzip is represented internationally by numerous sales offices and a globally available fleet of mobile production units.

Kalzip aluminium building systems meet the highest building physics and design requirements for roofs and façades that are both functional and visually impressive.