KALZIP – „Pavilion Scheveningen“

Architecture on the Scheveningen waterfront

The Vision.

Scheveningen is an internationally known vacation destination and not only the largest but also the best frequented seaside resort of the Netherlands. Its endless beaches and the spectacular redesign of the beach boulevard in 2015 make this town worth a visit throughout the year. At this special place, the Dutch architect Wim de Bruijn has designed a unique pavilion, whose design and functionality has no equal. It opened to the public in 2021.

The impressive building at the end of Noordboulevard’s beachfront combines ‘the elegant shapes of the Morales-Boulevard with waves and shells at the beach, all together frozen still in a white composition of glass and steel’ describes de Bruijn of the new boulevard’s icon. At first, the roof shape of the wire frame model seemed to be impossible to construct but perfect teamwork by many different specialists made it possible.


The foundation of the exceptional 3D-shaped roof construction is Kalzip’s X-tail profile sheet. A vertically adjustable pipe construction made it possible to follow the designated contours of the standing seam roof cladding. This led to all the profiled sheets having different measurements, so the experts on site had to follow a strict installation plan which was provided by Kalzip. The steel substructure of the standing seam roof cladding prevents noise pollution from penetrating outwards and adapts to the wind movement on site

That was a very important subject to consider beforehand, since the pavilion is located precisely at the noise location of beachfront and boulevard (from stone to dune). The spectacular round shape and the aluminum roof cladding make this building an impressive eyecatcher from every direction.


The three-storey building consists of a basement, a main floor with a terrace and a first floor with another huge terrace, that had to be ‘cut off’ the main roof to gain an exclusive elevated view onto the beach and the boulevard. But not only from the terrace you can enjoy the spectacular view, also through the insulated glass windows from the interior of the house, the beach feels as close as it gets. Daylight illuminates the main floor almost self-sustaining and contributes to the fulfilment of de Bruijn’s vision.

The pavilion has an excellent thermal insulation value (U-value=6), based on the combination of PIR and fiberglass systems that were used insulating the roof construction. The long-lasting aluminum consists almost fully of recycled materials and classifies as sustainable metal. The Noordboulevard covers most of its energy demand per solar panels which are also connected to the pavilion.


To make de Bruijn’s vision a reality, the technical crew, Felspartner B.V. (Kalzip PremiumPartner) and Kalzip had to work as a synchronized team from the very beginning. It was crucial, that every specialist could bring in his experience as they began working with 3D models. A construction site at beachfront always brings its own challenges that could only be handled with a perfectly organized and well attuned team of experts. Teamwork, combined with skilled craftsmanship and communication at eye level led to an innovative and sustainable building, that blends in in its sensitive surroundings, connecting the elements of ocean, beach and water trough state of the art architecture and efficiency.

Kalzip – There’s no way to do it better.




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