Santiago Bernabéu-Stadion – A new landmark for Madrid

A new landmark for Madrid:
Kalzip involved in the construction of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium

Kalzip is playing a key role in the redevelopment of Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Our state-of-the-art aluminium roofing systems combine aesthetics and function on an area of over 30,900 square metres. In collaboration with renowned architectural firms, we have created an impressive roof that not only protects, but also emphasises the overall concept of the stadium. At Kalzip, we are leading the way in the construction of inspiring sports facilities worldwide – discover how we are shaping the future of the Bernabéu Stadium and other projects.

Innovation and tradition at the heart of football

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, home of the legendary Real Madrid, is undergoing an impressive transformation that will make it one of the most modern and visually stunning stadiums in the world. Part of this transformation: Kalzip, your trusted partner for state-of-the-art aluminium roofing systems.

Leading expertise in the construction of sports facilities

Kalzip stands for excellence in sports facility construction. Our specialised aluminium roof and façade systems have already shaped numerous sports arenas around the world. Thanks to our experience in the realisation of complex constructions, we offer solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics and durability in every project. Kalzip makes it possible to create sports venues that are not only places of competition but also inspiring symbols of community.

A future shaped by Kalzip

The Santiago Bernabéu stadium is more than just a venue for world-class football; it is a symbol of innovation, durability and passion. At Kalzip, we share these values and are proud that our expertise and products are helping to shape the future of the stadium. Discover on our website how Kalzip has made a lasting impact not only on the Bernabéu Stadium, but also on numerous other projects around the world.