Kalzip® Sovrastrutture per tetti

Kalzip® Liner-Deck Roof System

A combining system for form and functionality

Kalzip Liner-Deck Roof Systems are predominantly used for new build construction, although they can also be used as a refurbishment solution in the event of a failed roof or when building improvements are being considered.

The Kalzip Liner-Deck Roof System is ideal where speed of installation on a project is of utmost importance. A non-fragile Kalzip liner sheet can be quickly installed to provide a temporary weather cover to allow other trades to work below. The remainder of the roofing components can then be installed without affecting the critical path of the construction programme.

Benefits & Features:

  • The Kalzip standing seam roof sheets are supported directly off the Kalzip clips
  • The external loads (wind suction, snow, access etc.) are transferred directly to the support purlins via the liner-deck sheets
  • Enhanced acoustic absorption
  • Kalzip Liner-Deck Roof System is perfect for low U values requirements
  • Kalzip’s Low U-value Roof System provides a cost effective and technically sound solution for roof U-values
  • Aluminium standing seam roof serves as a natural component of a lightning protection system

Kalzip® Deck Roof System

Long span solutions

The Kalzip Deck Roof System consists of a Kalzip standing seam outer sheet, Kalzip insulation, Kalzip vapour control layer and a Kalzip structural decking sheet. It provides an economical solution for all types of industrial, commercial, leisure, retail and residential buildings where a long-spanning rafter-to-rafter roof construction is required.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be used for all substructures, quick installation, largely independent of weather conditions
  • Individual design variations of geometries through XT free-form profiles for unusual building shapes
  • Compliant with court legislation and building regulations
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Reduced requirement for secondary steel work

Kalzip® DuoPlus E

Innovative installation solution

The Kalzip DuoPlus E System maintains all the qualities and benefits of a standard Kalzip standing seam roofing system, this hybrid system combines rigid insulation with compressible glass mineral fibre insulation.

It is the integration of the two insulation types that gives the system its high performance and uniqueness in achieving low U-value performance, allowing a significantly greater overall thermal performance to be achieved compared to that of a single layer of insulation of the same overall thickness.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced thermal bridge
  • High thermal performance characteristics
  • Variable thermal insulation thicknesses up to 345mm
  • Use of all E-clip types and heights
  • Excellent sound insulation values up to R‘w = 56 dB (A), depending on roof structure
  • Functional and integrated system components
  • Variable fixing system
  • Efficient and reduced installation times due to the integrated system components
  • Suitable for substructures made from steel trapezoidal profiles, or concrete and timber decks

NEW! Vario LB refurbishment system

Energy-efficient roof refurbishment becomes affordable!

Kalzip solutions for roof refurbishment bring ailing roofs up to scratch economically and sustainably. Old roofs are transformed into safe and modern sloping roofs (cold roof construction) at low cost. With Kalzip, Vario refurbishment means that architects, planners and builders enjoy complete freedom in terms of design and architecture. Define roof landscapes in the existing building stock in a contemporary way and enhance buildings in a sustainable way, not only visually!


  • Significant reduction in assembly time due to coordinated modular elements
  • Flexible adjustment of the roof pitch, unaffected by the existing structure
  • Aluminium for an extremely durable roof covering
  • Low additional structural weight – suitable for statically critical roof structures
  • Enable load-bearing and safety reserves by removing the gravel pack
  • High rigidity and stability
  • Simple determination of the new roof geometry
  • Non-combustible, corrosion and moisture resistant
  • Old and new insulation materials can be used together


  • Ideal for removal and building in existing buildings
  • For sustainable refurbishment of dilapidated roofs
  • For visual enhancement of buildings that are worth preserving

Kalzip® Solar Systems

Aesthetic solar architecture

With Kalzip AluPlusSolar a wide range of roof shapes can be achieved. Barrel duo or mono pitch roofs can be designed as energy roofs just as easily as individually curved shapes. Kalzip AluPlusSolar can also be used for the entire building envelope and facade surfaces.

Kalzip offers architects planning possibilities for designing solar living spaces in an environmentally conscious manner – economically, sustainably and aesthetically.

Features & Benefits:

  • Aesthetic, roof-integrated photovoltaics without additional fasteners
  • High safety and performance, IEC-certified glassless, semi-flexible and ultra-light module
  • Optimum use of solar energy even in weaker light conditions
  • Economical thanks to high performance guarantee available
  • Dirt-repellent and glare-free surface – thus minimal maintenance effort
  • Suitable as cold and warm roof version
  • Statically pleasing

Kalzip® NatureRoof

A robust and sustainable green roof system

The Kalzip NatureRoof is an advanced green roof system, that has been carefully developed to provide measurable performance and environmental benefits and further enhances the already considerable green credentials of the standard Kalzip system.

The Nature Roof is underpinned by a fully engineered system with an unbeatable pedigree – Kalzip aluminium standing seam roofing. With more than million square metres installed worldwide, the Kalzip aluminium standing seam roofing system has no equal. Kalzip’s non-penetrative ‘zip’ technology and outstanding durability allows it to provide complete weather protection throughout the lifetime of the building. No holes mean, quite simply, no leaks.

Features & Benefits:

  • The installation is carried out directly on the Kalzip profile
  • The aluminium surface offers lasting protection against rooting and moisture penetration
  • Complete package in modular design
  • The roof still acts as a natural component of lightning protection system
  • Environmentally friendly and can be recycled
  • Approximately 50% of the rainwater is retained on the roof
  • Reduction in wastewater and sewage costs

Standing Seam Facade

For unique architecture

Kalzip Standing Seam Facade offers sustainable and economical weather protection and, thanks to its versatility, is the perfect solution to highlight the buildings aesthetic appeal. The lines of the folds, whether vertical or horizontal, determine the appearance. In addition, the builder is a variety of surfaces and colours available.

Features & Benefits:

  • Freedom of design through almost unrestricted formability
  • High-quality refined, metallic or coated surfaces based on permanent aluminium
  • Wide range of finishes are available
  • Highly durable and corrosion resistant
  • Easy installation