Pavilion with floating roof in Graz

Roof or aircraft wing?

The building is a showroom for a manufacturer of window elements. The main goal for the architect was to create an inviting entrance area. The showroom itself is a steel construction. The wall surfaces are formed by large window elements. This gives the roof construction the impression of floating above the building.


The roof is also made of a steel substructure. The curved shape of the top and bottom makes the viewer standing to the side of the building think it is the wing of an aeroplane. The impression is supported by the type of roofing with Kalzip, an aluminium roofing. It has a ribbon-shaped design and is excellently suited to take on such shapes as roofing material. The roof surface is drained via an intermediate structure to the adjacent outbuilding.


Construction information

Architects: Dipl. – Ing. Paul Michael Pilz, Graz

Project participants: Structural analysis: Dipl. – Ing. J. Birner, Graz

Client: Dr. Wolfgang Maitz, Weitendorf/A

Location: Industrial area Weitendorf

Picture credits: Paul Ott, Graz