KALZIP – „Subway in Grossreuth Nuremberg“

The sky beneath the earth.

Usually, you have to look at the sky to see Kalzip’s work, but it’s a different story with the new terminus of the U3 underground line in Nuremberg.

As part of urban development framework planning, the Nuremberg district of Großreuth near Schweinau is to be redensified in the long term – this process began with the construction of an underground station, which was put into operation at the end of 2020. Upon entering the station, the visitor immediately notices that this station is different compared to other underground stations. Daylight reaches the platform through skylights, and lighting draws attention to the station in the evening. No dirty tiles in various shapes and formats are to be found here, it is not dark here – a 750m2 blue sky covered with individual clouds greets the passengers here.

Divine installation technique and forward-thinking planning.

Due to the fact that the motif consists of real, high-resolution photographs, the special challenge in this project was to develop a detailed installation plan with position numbers that would enable the executing company to install the aluminium profile panels, which had been coated in advance, without any confusion. During the fabrication of the pattern for sampling, it was determined that the side edges of the aluminium profiles also needed to be coated with the motif so that the joints blended into the overall appearance as inconspicuously as possible. A mapping process was then used to create, record, and catalogue the exact coating plan with a slight overlap.

To compensate for inequalities and keep the overall construction low, grid click rails were installed, which also allow for easy replacement of damaged or soiled profiled panels. Given that local fire protection specifications also had to be complied with, all plastic parts and inlays were dispensed with during the installation of the profiled panels, and the suction effect of a train passing by at high speed was also taken into account.

Kalzip has thus once again completed a future-oriented and trend-setting construction project which, due to its sustainable design, will be enjoyed by passengers for a long time to come and which can serve as a successful example of future-oriented urban planning.

You inspire we deliver. KALZIP.



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