Kalzip®  profile widths

Kalzip aluminium standing seam profiles are able to meet the most demanding construction and design requirements to create roofs and facades that successfully combine outstanding functionality with stunning aesthetics. The design potential is virtually limitless – from the discreet to the elaborate; combining sophisticated elegance with contemporary design.

Kalzip® 50/333

Kalzip® 50/429

Kalzip® 50/444

Kalzip® 65/305

Kalzip® 65/333

Kalzip® 65/400

Kalzip® 65/500

Kalzip® AF65/333

Kalzip® AF65/434

Kalzip® WF 65/537

Profile type WF 65/537
Thickness (mm)0,8
MaterialAluminium EN AW 3004/3005
Profile sheet shapeStraight profile sheets
Maximum length20 m* (longer tracks on request)
SurfaceAluPlusPatina Natural Aluminium
System-fixedKalzip E-Clip: E 5 – E 180
Roof slopefrom 1.5° according to approval Z-14.1-181
Anti-condensate coatingOptional
InsulationCompressible mineral wool, high density insulation or fully supported on plywood/timber
Weight incl. System-fixed (m²)approx. 3 kg

Kalzip® AS 65/422

Note: Profiles with special dimensions can be manufactured on request. Please contact our sales managers.

Kalzip® Profile shapes

State-of-the-art roll forming technologies produce precise, high-quality manufactured profiles in various dimensions and shapes. Due to the high strength, web lengths of over 100m and more are possible without joints during production on the construction site.

To implement computer-generated designs and construction principles, Kalzip has a patented XT roll forming technology which enables the production of a wide range of freely formed profiled sheets with minimal bending radii. For the first time ever, safe weather protection is thus made possible for a new form of architecture, the biomorphic building envelope.

Straight profile sheet

Convex curved profile sheet

Concave curved profile sheet

Tapered concave curved
profile sheet

Tapered convex curved
profile sheet

Tapered profile sheet

Example 1 XT freeform
profiled sheet

Example 2 XT freeform
profiled sheet

Example 3 XT freeform
profiled sheet

Example 4 XT freeform
profiled sheet

Example 5 XT freeform
profiled sheet

Kalzip® E type clip & ST clip

The thermal bridge-optimized system holder for Kalzip profile boards. The patented Kalzip E-Clip generation for fastening Kalzip aluminium profile panels minimizes thermal bridges and enables a roof structure whose heat transfer is determined exclusively by thermal insulation.

All properties and functions with regard to load-bearing capacity and fastening are fulfilled and are documented in the building supervision approval. The Kalzip system consists of a sturdy steel core coated with a glass fibre reinforced plastic.

Clip type=+ Spacer cap (DK)Clip height HKalzip 50/… W3Kalzip 65/… W3Kalzip AF 65/… W3
E 2081352020
E 20 + DK 1091453030
E 40101554040
E 40 + DK 10111655050
E 60121756060
E 60 + DK 10131857050
E 80141958080
E 80 + DK 101511059090
E 100161115100100
E 100 + DK 10171125110110
E 120181135120120
E 120 + DK 10191145130130
E 140201155140140
E 140 + DK 10211165150150
E 160 221175160160
E 160 + DK 10231185170170
E 180241195180180

W3 = Distance from the Kalzip pan to the base of E type clip

Kalzip 65Kalzip 50
Clip typeClip height HW1

Note: Clips shown in bold are the most popular for system solution

H = height of clip without thermal barrier pad
w1 = distance between underside of Kalzip sheet and underside of the aluminium clip
w2 = distance between underside of Kalzip sheet and underside of the aluminium clip with thermal barrier pad