Kalzip® General accessories information and brochures

Kalzip® ProTect Coating

Kalzip offers a special high quality, extraordinarily weatherproof high-end coating based on a polymer technology using fluorocarbon (FLP) to protect surfaces. It is characterized by extremely high scratch resistance, the best colourshade and gloss stability, and a significantly greater surface hardness and temperature resistance.

Kalzip® Bending of flat aluminium sheets

Minimum bending radii must be adhered to when bending flat sheets, depending on the strength and condition of the material. Bending below these minimum values may cause cracks in the material. The following illustration shows the recommended minimum bending radii for the aluminium alloys approved by Kalzip.

Kalzip® Lightning conduction and protective screening of buildings protection

Kalzip roof and wall systems are flexible and adaptable to the architectural and technical requirements of industrial, private or public buildings and they offer a safe as well as effective protection against lightning strikes on buildings as well as protection against their electromagnetic impact in electrical systems.

An economic and efficient measure to protect against lightning and its effects can be taken on Kalzip profile boards in two ways:

  • as a reception device to protect against lightning strikes in buildings
  • as a building shield against the electromagnetic effect of lightning strikes.

Kalzip® Solar Reflectance, Thermal Emittance and Solar Reflectance

Increasingly there is a requirement for the solar reflectance index (SRI) of materials used for roofing to be known, in particular for buildings in warm and hot climates where the main energy concern is cooling control rather than heating control and which may have to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The SRI value is determined from a material’s solar reflectance and thermal emittance.

Kalzip® DAS Energy Modules PVL

Solar-Systems BIPVco (UK)

Vapour control layer 039

Vapour control layer 40

Kalzip® Vapour layer FR

The Kalzip vapour layer FR is a self-adhesive vapour barrier with a low fire load made of tear-proof, fabric-reinforced laminated aluminium foil in accordance with the requirements of EN 13984.

Kalzip® Seam Clips

The Kalzip standing seam system is extremely versatile and allows a comprehensive range of Kalzip accessories, such as walkways, handrails, steps, snow guards, photovoltaic panels etc to be safely installed without penetrating the weathering layer of the roof or wall.

The penetration free connection is achieved by the use of stainless steel or aluminium seam clips which clamp over the seam of the Kalzip sheet in order to safely transmit the loading back to the substructure

Type FA Connection to: Flat shape
Material: Aluminium
Length: 60mm
Max. Suit moment: 6 Nm

Type FS Connection to: Flat shape
Material: Stainless steel
Length: 38mm
Max. Suit moment: 6 Nm

Type WS Connection to: Angle
Material: Stainless steel
Length: 38mm
Max. Suit moment: 6 Nm

Product Benefits

  • Kalzip seam clips have DIBT approval
  • Penetration-free connection
  • Loads span capacity can be determined

Kalzip Walkway systems Safety Plus – Maximum safety through collective protection!

Kalzip roof walkway systems ensure free and safe movement on a slip-resistant surface for all users. Tests of the construction and in particular the fastening on the Kalzip standing seam profile sheets ensure that the function and durability of the Kalzip roof covering are maintained. The roof path systems can be used on all Kalzip profile types and roofs. We distinguish between Safety Plus and Standard walkway systems.

Kalzip® Steps and Walkway Systems

The Kalzip grillage walkway and handrail system is a modular system manufactured from extruded aluminium components. It offers a lightweight, durable, self-draining, low maintenance construction for simple and quick installation to the Kalzip standing seam roof system.

Extruded aluminium seam clips ensure a secure fixing method to the Kalzip seams without penetrating the sheets.

Product Benefits

  • Adjustable from 0° to 45
  • Variable applications
  • Optional finishes available
  • Aesthetically pleasing with no penetration of the Kalzip sheets
  • Tested and certified in accordance with BS EN 516

Kalzip® Fall Arrest system

Kalzip fall arrest systems (for straight and tapered Kalzip sheets) have been specifically designed using advanced technology and has been fully tested and proven for use on the Kalzip standing seam system. The constant force post and base are manufactured from zinc coated mild steel with the domed cap of the post and all internal performance components made from 316S marine grade stainless steel.

In performance terms the post has an integral high capacity energy absorbing coil which is designed to reduce loads in a fall situation to a maximum of 10kN.

This means that the post nearest to the incident absorbs the impact without transferring the load across the rest of the fall arrest system or onto the roof structure itself. This advanced capability
allows up to three people to be linked to the system at any one time.

Kalzip fall arrest systems are custom designed for each project, using computer design software. This unique Windows® software package models and calculates loadings to determine optimum spacing for the posts

Kalzip® Snow guard system

Whilst snow sliding from metal roofs will reduce the loads on them, it can also cause considerable damage to gutters and other roof accessories.

Kalzip’s high performance snow guards are designed and manufactured to
meet customers’ specific requirements and can include two, three or four specially-designed fingers to suit the pan of the roofing sheet.
The snow guards are secured to the roof surface with specially designed Kalzip seam clips, removing the need for roof penetrations, thereby maintaining the roof system’s integrity.

Kalzip® NatureRoof Accessories

Drainage mat
Polystyrene, compressive strength: 383 kN/m2
Flow rate: 4 l/sec/m2
Water storage volume: 3.2 l/m2

Filter fleece
Polypropylene staple fibre fleece
Punch through pressure (CBR test): 1400 N
Pore opening width (Dw): 0.14 mm

Kalzip NDS 60 NaturalRoof Substrate, pH = 5 – 7
Lava and Bimskies
Structure thickness: 6 cm
Surface load: approx. 75 kg/m2
Loose goods, available by truck or in silo vehicle for approx. 380 m2, in big bag (1000 l content) for approx. 14 m2

Kalzip Nerotec 60 Erosion protection adhesive
(when using sprouts)
in sacks a 60 litres capacity
1 bag is enough for 25 m2 (requirement 0.4 kg/m2)

Kalzip® Welding pad

The Kalzip welding pad is a non-flammable, woven textile underlay to protect combustible and sensitive surfaces from damage and ignition during welding.