KALZIP – „Mariendorfer Damm, Berlin“


The planning and construction of rental housing comes with a lot of responsibilities and requirements. Not only does it need to be modern but also appealing and, of course, well-lit, contemporary architecture and matching infrastructure goes without saying.

But the most important obligation nowadays and for the days to come is sustainability

That led our focus on the roof construction, while building the new housing complex at the Mariendorfer Damm. The result is a roof with roots on nearly 1700sqm. Not only can this roof be planted, it is also helping to prevent urban soil sealing and provides food and shelter for many of our domestic insects.

The many possibilities of a standing seam roof

This was all made possible with the standing seam roof cladding system of Kalzip. Because of its simplicity, its compatibility with other construction systems and its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation features, the performing architects chose the Kalzip ‘NaturDach’ as solution of choice. Because it is being delivered separately as full package, the construction specialists on site could easily mount the ‘NaturDach’ on top of pre-installed profile board. The combination of those construction methods protects the roof against moisture and root penetration and speeds up the construction process which increases efficiency.

But not only the ground plan and the building’s cross-section made this project very special compared to other construction of this scale. The architectural style of this housing complex combined timber and steel construction. First, oriented strand boards were used in combination with a vapor barrier. After that, composite clips were added to ensure extensive mineral heat insolation and to prevent the formation of thermal bridges. The preinstalled aluminum sheets, which were placed under the hip and gambrel roof area, divert rain from a gradient of 2,5° until 60°.


Recyclable materials ensure sustainable implementations

This construction is a showcase project for illustrating the way Kalzip thinks, plans and builds sustainability throughout the world. The roof has no equal, the installed aluminum profile boards are made of 95% recycled material and because of their stability, they’re extremely durable and completely free of maintenance. If the operational phase of the building has ended, the installed profile boards can be completely dismantled and the single components can be led back into the recycling cycle.

There is no better way to do it. Kalzip.



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