KALZIP – “Kwelderland in Delfzijl/Netherlands

The Kwelderland Residential Area in Delfzijl, Netherlands

A house by the sea – with sustainable added value.

It is well known that Kalzip is often involved in spectacular buildings in extraordinary environments. Most of the time, these are projects that are made accessible to the public after the completion of the construction work. In the Dutch port city of Delfzijl, a private construction project has now been realized that has many special features that bear Kalzip’s signature.

The Kwelderland residential area (Dutch: marshland) is located on three adjacent peninsulas surrounded by waterways, a typical landscape feature of the Netherlands. A special feature of the apartment complex is the brick walls, which were supplemented by additional wooden construction on the upper floor and an anthracite-grey metal roof. To meet current sustainability requirements, the south-facing houses were arranged in parallel so that the PV system integrated into the roof can make optimal use of the available hours of sunshine.

Beautiful old walls – modern new roof.

One of the architectural features of the modern residential complex is that the roof was not completely covered with aluminium profile panels, but the top-floor apartments have a pergola that is only covered by the roof rafters. This small but fine and widely visible detail highlights the special construction of the apartments. The skilled craftsmen provided a vapour barrier to protect the load-bearing panels on the rafters from moisture.

The composite clips installed subsequently are designed to provide sufficient space for the installation of mineral wool insulation while minimizing thermal bridges due to their material and narrow bridge. To ensure a uniform look, the foldable aluminium sheets of the clad rafters were coated with Kalzip’s RAL8019 (anthracite grey) colour over the roof loggias, the detail connections and the chimneys. This coating is scratch-resistant and extremely UV-resistant and has an extremely high surface hardness. Furthermore, the dark surface supports the effectiveness of the photovoltaic system, whose similar colour scheme optimally completes the stylish and modern design of the residential complex.

Carefully considered, efficiently executed.

Instead of an already integrated photovoltaic system in the roof, the planners wanted a PV variant that could be mounted onto the standing seam roof after the completion of the roof covering work. The supplied WS mounting system from Kalzip makes this possible and guarantees an easy, fast, and therefore economically efficient installation.

The used standing seam profiles in the size 50/429 could also be installed quickly and easily, as a mobile construction crane could lift the aluminium profiles directly onto the roof for “seamless” processing. The width of the profiles used also fits perfectly with the roof geometry and allows the recess of the pergolas to be connected to the roof on both sides without having to cut the profiles.
This meticulous technical (pre-)planning, combined with Kalzip’s many years of experience, made it possible to complete all three roofs with a total area of approximately 1150m2 in just six weeks, and the first apartments could be quickly occupied.

The residents can expect a future-oriented and sustainable living space that convinces with generous balconies, modern architecture, and excellent connections to schools, train stations, shopping, and of course, the sea on all fronts.

A typical Kalzip project.


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