Kalzip in retro look – 55 years the original

This year is going retro! For Kalzip’s 55th birthday, we have come up with something special.

Together with you, we are going back to the beginnings of our history, digging through the archives and pulling out real treasures. Join us on the journey of 55 years, during which many of you are and have been loyal companions.

So, let us begin!

Kalzip goes back in time – Our logo history

Did you ever wonder where our beginnings are? For our 55th birthday, we decided to travel back in time and bring back some treasures, starting with our logo. It is our identity, and to this day, it is the core of our brand.

The retro logo is composed of two past logos. It has a very special meaning to us and reflects our history perfectly. Our journey started in 1968 with our first product release under the name Kaiser Aluminium. The previous name of our company is represented by the fragment KAL. The syllable ZIP stands for Zipping or Zipper. Even our original standard profile finds a place in our logo. It is displayed by the line moving from one end of the logo to the other. Can you see the resemblance between our standard profile and the line? We certainly can!

The retro logo is the start of our journey through time. And we have many more highlights in store, which we are excited to share with you over the course of the year!

The journey continues – Our first project

1968 was an exciting year for Kalzip. It marks the day of our history. We not only released our very first product, but we also started to work on our first project. The very first German Kalzip aluminium roof was installed on the Nuremberg Congress Hall.

The U-shaped building, which is placed directly on the shore of Dutzendteich, reflects the traditions of the ancient theater. Construction work on the hall continued from 1935 to 1943. In 1968, the roof had to be repaired, and our Kalzip aluminium was chosen to be installed. Since then, our Kalzip aluminium roof has persisted and can still be found on top of the building.

They say you never forget your first (project). And we agree!

Next stop – Kalzip’s first product video.

The first month of our journey through time is coming to an end, and we’ve already had several glimpses into our past – starting with our logo and ending with our first project. But what about the products? Our very first product video was released in 1968. The „Unholey“ roof made its debut that year, and the neologism was first introduced. The „Unholey“ roof got its name because of its features, as it can be installed without drilling and without holes.

Our history remains exciting – Kalzip’s end of 1960s

We already showed you our first project and a product video in the last weeks. But where and how did Kalzip produce the products? What did production look like? This week’s throwback takes us to the end of the 1960s and shows us Kalzip’s first production site, where our profiled panels were produced. From then on, a lot has changed.

Kalzip reaches the 1970s – Moving to a new location

The first big step after the production of the first Kalzip profiled sheets and the realised project was the move to the company’s own offices and production facility in 1972. This is still the headquarters of Kalzip GmbH today. Visually, the building has changed considerably over the years, with the addition of new halls and new office wings. But the core is still the same as it was in 1972.

Our production facility in figures:
Factory area 32,700 m²
Production area 8,300 m²
Warehouse area 1,600 m²
Office space 1,300 m²

Have you ever been to our head office in Koblenz?

Kalzip History Fact

Within six years, over 1 million square metres of Kalzip profiled sheets had already been sold and installed by 1974. That’s only two years after moving to the new headquarters in Koblenz.

The following years weren’t any less successful as Kalzip can look back at numerous impressive projects, which we are proud of.

Construction Site History – then vs. now

Today, we want to show you a side-by-side comparison of our construction sites then vs. now. We can agree that a lot has changed since then. Over the years, we gained more experience and technical expertise, which guarantees the best quality and reliability – from the production of the products up to the installation at the construction sites.

By now, we are even able to produce our Kalzip products directly on-site. We look forward to where the next couple of years could lead us as new innovations advance constantly!

First Refurbishment Projects in the 70s

Roof refurbishments in the 1970s paved the way for the modern roofing systems we use today. Even then, Kalzip roofing systems were used for refurbishment projects. And from industrial to commercial buildings, our roofs continue to stand the test of time. Kalzip roofing systems have revolutionized the refurbishment game ever since. Today, our Vario LB system allows affordable and energy-efficient roof refurbishment. With that, architects, planners, and builders enjoy complete freedom in design and architecture.

From innovative materials to sustainable solutions, we owe a lot to the pioneers of the past. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the vision and hard work from the past!

Brochures over the course of time

Step back in time with Kalzip’s vintage brochures from the 70s and 80s, and let nostalgia hit you! These timeless pieces showcase the durability and style of our metal roofing and cladding systems that have stood the test of time. Throughout the next couple of decades, the design of our brochures changed a lot. However, looking back and seeing where we came from makes us appreciate our beginnings even more.

Kalzip History – First stationary roll former

In 1972, we moved to our new location in Koblenz. Without the needed instruments and machines, production would have been impossible. Cue to our first stationary roll former. Originally named “Big Berta,” this roll former was specifically developed for the fast and efficient production of Kalzip profile sheets.

With “Big Berta,” Kalzip was able to grow into the company we are today.

Kalzip goes to the UK

In 1984, Kalzip established production works in Preston. This marks our beginnings in the UK market.

Our first bending machine

In 1987, Kalzip got its first bending machine. This made it possible to produce curved profiled sheets on our own. What better way to put the machine to the test than to use it on a project? The Audi Development Center in Ingolstadt was the first building where our self-curved profiled sheets were used. But certainly not the last!