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Tapered sheets

Tapered Kalzip profile sheets have become increasingly significant for roofing applications as they can be formed into a diverse range of shapes. A roof can offer more than just protection: it can give the building architectural perfection.

Tapered Kalzip sheets have to be installed on the roof by following the precise instructions laid down in the relevant installation plan. It is advisable to check the actual dimensions of the substructure against the dimensions on the installation plan before the production is started.

The minimum and maximum cover widths are between 225 mm and 620 mm. If the taper size exceeds 400 mm, the bottom sheet must be supported by an insulation material of sufficient compressive strength.  For double skin constructions the use of structural or liner deck is recommended.

  Kalzip 65 and 50 Kalzip AF

Minimum construction width

225 mm

170 mm

Maximum width

620 mm*

620 mm

Minimum length

1500 mm

1500 mm

Maximum length

Dependent on transport

Dependent on transport


0.9 – 1.2 mm

0.9 – 1.2 mm

Curved and tapered

Possible for construction widths of 225 mm to 620 mm max.
Only following approval from the Technical Department.

*Maximum width for AluPlusZinc, stainless steel and copper is 400 mm

For further information on using tapered Kalzip sheets, please contact the Kalzip Technical Department.

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