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Kalzip Flat roof
Kalzip – the high performance, cost effective solution for flat/low pitched roofs

Kalzip high performance aluminium roof system is BBA approved (Agrément Certificate No 98/3481) for use on flat/low pitched roofs down to 1.5º, making it a robust and cost effective alternative to single ply membrane.

Kalzip is a proven solution offering complete versatility across every kind of roofing application and is available in a multitude of configurations to cater for all designs and the most exacting performance requirements. Its many advantages can eliminate the concerns often associated with single ply membrane.

Inherently strong, watertight and robust
As an aluminium product, Kalzip combines strength with lightness. It is durable, corrosion-resistant and essentially maintenance-free. In short, it offers the best of both worlds: aesthetic appeal and ultimate practicality.

The design of the Kalzip system builds on these qualities, enabling quick and easy installation with techniques that maintain the robustness of the material.


  • Proven low whole life costs with 40 year cover
  • Roof sheets are secret-fixed to the substructure by means of non-penetrative clips – there are no through fixings.
  • Mechanical design of Kalzip eliminates the need for sealants and bonding as a method of weathering
  • Buildings can be made watertight far sooner than would be possible using alternative single ply roofing methods
  • High standing seam eliminates potential for ingress at joints.
  • Unlimited sheet lengths with on-site production means no end laps.
  • Aluminium is more resistant to damage (e.g. punctures, tears) than other single ply materials and its properties are not compromised by temperature cycling
  • No hot processes on-site
  • High performance acoustic and thermal options available
  • Fast quality assured installation (link to fast, quality assured copy, below)
  • Aluminium is inherently sustainable and recyclable –  eliminating expensive landfill costs
  • Fully tested and certified system

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Cost-effective solution for flat/low pitched roofs

The durability, ease of installation and maintenance-free nature of Kalzip means it offers a cost-effective alternative to single ply membrane. In fact, a whole life comparison (WLC) report published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) concluded that:

“… in the longer term, the predicted cumulative life cycle costs show that the Kalzip liner roof actually provides the most economical option …”

The low operational cost associated with Kalzip is one of its key advantages. Where other roof types tend to require regular cleaning, maintenance and overhaul of failed areas, a Kalzip roof is essentially maintenance-free.

The durability of Kalzip also ensures a long working life: Agrément Certificate No 98/3481 states that, depending on the environment, Kalzip “will have a minimum service life of 40 years” and this is reflected in the Kalzip XL Guarantee, a forty year performance guarantee that covers the full system build from the outer sheet through to the internal liner.

Fast, quality-assured installation
Installation of Kalzip roofing is carried out to a high level of predetermined standard details by fully trained and approved members of the Teamkal installer network. Indeed, the Agrément Certificate specifically links site working practices with system details, providing further assurance of the highest standard of installation.

The mechanical nature of the fix, combined with a system of integrated, prefabricated components and accessories, minimises installation time and ensures that the building is watertight far sooner than would be possible using alternative roofing methods. Another important benefit is Kalzip’s ability to be installed in virtually all conditions, substantially reducing the risk of delays due to adverse weather.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
Once installed, a Kalzip roof provides excellent performance in terms of minimising heat transfer and sound levels.

The use of aluminium helps to reduce heat transfer and this property can be enhanced with surface treatments, enabling energy flow through the roof to be cut from 340 to 50 W/m2. The qualities of heat reflection in summer and heat retention in winter enable energy saving and associated cost reduction.

Kalzip also offers good acoustic performance, with tests demonstrating the ability to reduce noise levels by as much as 53dB (typically 38-40dB). Insulants or acoustic mat can be incorporated to further enhance this performance if required.

Outstanding sustainability
Aluminium is inherently sustainable.

Providing decades of total roofing protection, Kalzip can be unzipped and reused or recycled when a building reaches the end of its working life.

If reuse is not possible, then Kalzip, as an aluminium product, offers an extremely high residual value compared with other roofing products, eliminating the cost and adverse environmental impact associated with disposal by landfill.

This level of recyclability, together with its long term performance, means a Kalzip system can provide A+ ‘Green Rating’ for BREEAM accreditation.

Another green benefit of using a Kalzip roof is the opportunity to incorporate either of Kalzip’s two photovoltaic solar solutions – AluPlusSolar and Solarclad – or the advanced Kalzip Nature Roof system with its low growing, self-regenerating, drought-resistant plant cover.

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