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Vapour control layer

It is good practice to enhance the performance of a roofing system by incorporating a suitable vapour control layer (VCL).

A VCL will reduce the movement of water vapour from inside the building through the roof construction (thereby reducing the risk of condensation) and also assists in limiting air permeation through the system.

Kalzip VCLs are available as standard in either a clear three layer membrane for mid range applications or a foil encapsulated five layer membrane suitable for high humidity applications where a greater vapour resistance performance is required.

The VCL should always be installed on the warm side of the construction and should be continuous across its surface.  It must be fully sealed at all laps, perimeters and penetrations in order to ensure its effectiveness.

The type of VCL to be specified would be dependent upon the use of the building and therefore the condensation risk.

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Kalzip vapour control layer

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