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Kalzip is the world-leading standing seam roofing and wall cladding system. Over 80 million square metres have been installed worldwide. Explore roofs or fa├žades and discover how Kalzip enables you to create innovative, long-lasting, high performance and low maintenance building envelope solutions using aluminium profiled sheets and other inspiring metal finishes.
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Lakesmere Ltd. has been confirmed as the winner of the highly coveted ‘Teamkal Contractor of the Year’ award, at this year’s annual Kalzip Teamkal Conference and Awards Ceremony.

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Overclad Kalzip solution for Bolshoy Ice Dome, Sochi

Over 22,000 sqm of tapered Kalzip aluminium standing seam sheets were used to create the weatherproof building envelope of the spectacular 12,000 seater Bolshoy Ice Dome that is being used for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games at Sochi in Russia. Designed and built by SIC Mostovik, this giant domed structure has a maximum span of 193 metres, a height of 40 metres and a total surface area of nearly 32,000 sqm.

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