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Project: Asian Games Town Gymnasium, Guangzhou, China
Pan Yong, the Architectual Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province

One of the Asian Games main facilities was the Asian Games Town Gymnasium that selected 53,000 square meters of Kalzip roof system. The windows appear as if they have been cut into the metal skin of the sweeping structure and a construction arranged in the middle of the building provides central access and was given a bright red façade cladding.
Project: Singapore International Cruise Terminal
Architect: RSÜ

The new 500 million dollar infrastructure is a 2 berth facility serviced by a large terminal building and will be able to accommodate the largest cruise ship liners in the world as of the 2nd quarter of 2012. The roof surface area is comprised of a total area of 23,500 sqm which included over 55 kilometers of 65/400 alum Kalzip roof sheeting (if aligned end to end) as well as over 13,000 individual fabricated 3mm thickness alum panels to achieve this unique project finish.
Project: Tung Chung Cable Station
Architect: Aedas LPT Architects, Hong Kong

Between the two end points, the stretch runs on only 8 supports along the Southern coast of the island where the new Hong Kong airport has been built. In line with the wishes of the client, the architecture of the stations has been designed to fit in with the surroundings. The Tung Chung station has been built as a modern structure which is clearly influenced by tradition, featuring striking roofs and a Kalzip roof with a surface area of around 6,000 m2.
Project: Terminal 1B Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, India
Architect: Hafeez Contractor, India

Covering an area of 10,000 m2, the terminal houses 38 checkin desks. In front of the long, stretched out, elliptical form of the terminal, the architects adjoined a shorter, cubic structure as an entrance and service area. 10,000 m2 of Kalzip standing seam were used to roof the structure whose exterior cascades down into a waterfall of shimmering glass on the entrance side of the building.
Project: National Conference Centre, Vietnam
Architect: GMP – von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg Germany

The complex, covering a floor area of 60,000 m2, was erected in just 22 months. The undulating roof, which covers a generously glazed hall, is a major design feature of the conference centre. The conference room is characterised by these undulations that make the roof even more striking.
Project: Supreme Court, Singapore
Architect: Foster & Partners

The new Supreme Court building is Singapore has been created to house the judiciary and replaces the old building. In a symbolical gesture, the appeal courts are located in the building's highest section, which has been shaped like a discand clad in Kalzip. The circular building provides a contemporary reinterpretation of earlier courts, which were typically topped with cupolas. As in the Berliner Reichstag, a public viewing platform affords dramatic views out over the city.
Project: Spencer Street Station, Australia
Architect: Daryl Jackson Pty.

The architects developed the dynamic shape of the station roof from the 19th century architectural tradition of large halls – a design which has turned it into a city landmark that is highly visible from afar. The visible underside of the roof is covered with Kalzip 18/76 profiled panels as the supporting shell.
Project: Taipei Arena, Taiwan
Architect: Lo Hsing Hua

The prominent dome-shaped roof of the arena is enhanced by the Kalzip profile used on it. In total 16,800 metres of Kalzip standing seam roof were produced on-site. Measuring 25 metres each.
Project: Qizhong International Tennis Centre, China
Architect: EDI & Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Institute

This tennis stadium can accommodate as many as 15,000 spectators. The retractable roof is made up of eight segments which can fully open or close like the petals of a flower – and all in the space of just eight minutes. The flexibility of the Kalzip sheets makes it the ideal material for the three-dimensional, flower-shaped roof.
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