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Kalzip ProDach

Kalzoip Prodach provides a complete roofing solution which is not only high quality and energy-efficient, but also visually stunning and offers an insulating and special fixing system with a rigid, water-repellent rockwool insulation board.

Kalzip AF profiled sheets without stiffening ribs, which have been specially developed for rigid bases, are used for this system. The insulation board makes an ideal base and it is non-combustible, offers very efficient thermal insulation and sound absorption properties, is dimensionally stable, dampens vibration and is vapour-permeable. The top layer of the double-layer Prorock insulation board is extremely strong and resistant to mechanical stress. Its high load transmitting capabilities contribute considerably to the static function of the roofing.

Kalzip ProDach is suitable for all common types of substructures or supporting structures in steel, concrete and timber, for all structural engineering applications and for the renovation of old roofs.

The use of Kalzip AF in conjunction with a load-transmitting layer of insulation simplifies the installation procedure to a considerable extent. The Prorock insulation board offers a high level of walkability during installation and maintenance.

The Prodach roof system creates a discreet surface finish which is the epitome of subtle elegance and even smaller buildings can enjoy a perfectly proportioned and stylishly designed roof covering.

For further information please download or request the Kalzip systems brochure or contact us.

Kalzip ProDach as a truss roof structure
Clips installed on the fixing rails

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