Kalzip fabrications and associated products
Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong,
Kalzip gutters are available in two
options - a single skin aluminium or
membrane gutter for applications where
no U-value is required and a Kalzip
insulated membrane lined gutter, which
meets building regulation U-values of
Single skin gutter
The single skin gutter can be fabricated
as standard in lengths of up 6 metres
(although lengths of 8.5 metres are
achievable depending on the application)
reducing the number of fixings required
and minimising the possibility of leaks.
Factory fitted dilaprene expansion joints
are also available, which contribute to
costs savings on site.
Membrane-lined gutters
(both TPO & PVC options are available)
Combining the advantages of lightweight
metal and insulation sandwich
construction, the Kalzip TPO composite
gutters are designed for use in
commercial and industrial applications.
The Kalzip gutter is fully lined and jointed
with a membrane, which gives it the
flexibility to be used for both eaves and
valley details.
Environmentally friendly, a 1.2 mm
thick membrane is factory bonded to a
1.2 mm gauge hot dip galvanised steel
substrate to BS EN 10326, giving a
highly durable product with a weather
resistant surface. The unique synthetic
Gutters and fittings
rubber formulation provides excellent
colour stability and resistance to
ultraviolet light, heat, harsh weather
conditions including ponding water
and general wear and tear.
The standard coil width is 1250 mm
(up to a maximum of 1450 mm) and is
foldable to an angle of 90°.
The system is installed using
established ‘single ply’ heat seaming
techniques with the major benefit
of operating at significantly lower
temperatures than conventional PVC
membranes. Butt-strap joints are
secured with low profile rivets, covered
with jointing membrane and hot-air
welded to give a strong, durable and
water-tight connection.
The specially formulated Kalzip
synthetic rubber membrane does
not deteriorate or release harmful
chlorofluorocarbons into the
environment. It is also safer for the
installer because of lower hot-air
welding temperatures and the absence
of irritant gaseous emissions. Product
COSHH safety information sheets are
available. See KZ-HSENV-COSHH-
Insulated option
The core of the insulated gutter is rigid
polyurethane (PU) foam, which is loose
laid between the inner and outer skin;
the flanges of each skin are overlapped
and secured with rivets; approved
by both Factory Mutual and the Loss
Prevention Council.
The inner lining of the gutter can
be provided to suit project­specific
requirements but would typically consist
of a 0.7 mm galvanised steel sheet with
or without a polyester paint coating.
To achieve an elemental U-value of
/K a core thickness of 90 mm
is required.
A full range of Kalzip accessories can
be supplied for membrane-lined gutters
180 mm x 30 m jointing membrane
(other widths also available)
Internal and external pre-moulded
Pre-moulded outlets (conical and
Leaf guards (conical and flush)
Outlet to down pipe expansion seals
Polyester powder coated aluminium
down pipes, colour-matched to other
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